2022 HD 4K caméra 3 axes FPV pliable professionnel Drone GPS

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HD 4K Camera 3-Axis Drone FPV Foldable Professional Drone with GPS Optical Flow Positioning Auto Return Follow Me Brushless Motor

26 mins Flight Time


the intelligent GPS-assisted feature includes the auto-return home, GPS follow me, point of interest, waypoint flight making your

fly adventure easy and creative. The app provides intuitive instructions, you can start the game with just a few taps.

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* 1km HD Video 5G Transmission: an extreme HD video transmission range has been increased to 1KM/3280ft, and with the enhanced
anti-interference capability, B11 keeps 4K image quality which is consistently smooth. Auto return image/video to cell phone
also supports micro sd cards up to 32G (not included)
* 4K Camera and Gimbal EIS: the 4K camera has a 3-Axis gimbal stabilization so is very stable. and also carries the Electric
Image Stabilization technology inside, 50x zoom function help provides more detail. High wind resistance (less than level 7),
can be used normally even at the seaside.
* Rich APP functions: GPS, Optical flow mode(indoor), Waypoint flight, Follow me, Point of interest, Gesture photo/video, 50
times zoom Focus, MV one key takeoff/landing, 360° flip,and other functions.
* 26 Mins Flight Time: the drone came with  can provide a 26 minis flight time, the battery is intelligent and
safe, its power status is remote control and in real-time. Batteries: 3.7V/500mAh
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1 Long Flight Batteries High-density lithium battery can be used for about 26 minutes, with low-voltage alarm and low-voltage automatic return-to-home function, don’t worry about losing the drone.
Waypoint Fly According you Set You can set a designated location on your cell phone map to meet the needs of professionals/photography enthusiasts.
5G Real-time HD Image Transmission 5G images are transmitted to the cell phone in real time, and the photos or videos taken can be immediately transmitted to the mobile phone, with a maximum resolution of 4K. Different from other drones, this drone also supports insert a micro sd card (Max 32G not included), which can meet the needs of taking a lot of photos and reduce the storage burden of phones.

Follow Me

The drone moves with the movement of the people, which is very suitable for personal MV or interview, and sharing it on social media, it will be very attractive.

Point of Interest

Fly around your favorite building or animal, and take a real panoramic photo of it, which can assist in photo or detail observation and provide you with great help.

Gesture take photo/video

Take pictures with V gestures, video with palm gestures, when you and your friends go out on a trip, you don’t need an extra videographer, the drone is your photographer.

Strong Wind Resistance

It has a accurate altitude stabilizer, which can altitude hold in the air when you not operate. The fuselage is heavier than other ordinary drones, and it can resist winds below level 7. Even at the seaside, it can be used normally.

GPS One Key Return

When you control the drone too far is already very small on sight, and you can’t recognize the front, back, left and right. At this time, you can use one key to return. It will not only return to near you, but also slowly descend. When it is close you, you can also manually operate again at this time, stop descending and continue flying.also, you can also use the map to control it to fly farther, because it also has the function of automatically returning when the signal is lost.

High Definition 4K Lens

As a professional photography drone, with 3-axis gimbal anti-shake, the gimbal will be adjusted automatically after power on and needn’t manual operation, the angle of the camera can be adjusted on the cell phone, each photo is high-resolution4k, can be zoomed in 50 times to see every detail clearly, The advanced brushless motor will greatly reduce the noise generated by the flight,If you have high requirements for photos/videos, then this drone is very suitable for you.
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